From step one, Mike and Yvonne at Seniors Helping Seniors went "above and beyond" when it came time to finding a great match for our mom-Mom was a bit hesitant about this process. But what an amazing result!!! They found a perfect match. Mom and Deborah get along wonderfully. Mom looks forward to Deborah's visits each week and can't wait to see what kind of adventure they will have or if they will just relax and play a game of cards. Our only regret is that we didn't find this company and Deborah sooner!!!!

— Cindy R

All my caregivers are fantastic. They all really care about my welfare and help me when I need the help. Frank, my evening caregiver is the best caregiver anyone could have. The rest of my caregivers put my welfare as their priority.

— Allen L

When my brother got sick, our family was very concerned. Since he has no family members close by, we were uncertain as to the best way to provide him with the help he needed. Fortunately, we were helped by Seniors Helping Seniors.

This company provides exceptional services. Everyone involved in taking care of my brother has exceeded our expectations. At every turn, they have gone above and beyond. The interaction between the caregiver, patient, and the aides is very caring and compassionate. The aides are tremendously helpful and infinitely patient. The company’s Patient Portal is excellent and allows a free flow of information and is updated daily.

The owners are hands on and have personally contacted me to express concern and provide information. On one occasion, they accompanied my brother to his appointment. That was greatly appreciated especially because we live so far away and are unable to do so. In addition, both owners are retired military and can help navigate the complex VA medical system. This was especially helpful as my brother is a veteran.

Our family is Blessed that this company is assisting my brother in this trying time. I strongly recommend Seniors Helping Seniors to anyone in need of assistance.

— Cathy C

Seniors Helping Seniors has enabled my cousin to remain in his house after his mother died. He's been there 46 years, and has mental difficulties that make changes difficult. Seniors Helping Seniors was able to match my cousin up with a compatible caretaker that is a real friend to him. I have been very relieved that we didn't have to move my cousin to a care facility. The caretaker is far cheaper and infinitely better for my cousin's quality of life.

— Edwin H

Seniors Helping seniors have been flexible in changes that we have requested. Have found them more than willing to go the extra mile to address issues with insurance coverage. Haven't felt talked down to, because we are seniors.

— Cristela B

My wife and I signed up recently with Seniors Helping Seniors. Our new caregiver is great! My wife has dementia and our caregiver is continuously engaging my wife to keep her mentally stimulated. She does our laundry, makes breakfast and lunch for us every day, and even takes short walks with my wife and dog. She has truly been a blessing to my wife and I. Having our caregiver gives my family from out of state peace of mind, because they can see all of our activities via portal set up by Seniors Helping Seniors. My family is even able to chip in on paying our bill through the portal. Seniors Helping Seniors was also very knowledgeable and helpful with explaining to me my VA benefits and programs to help me as a veteran. They do a great job!!

— Fred R

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